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‘My First Store – 2019’ is a DEARJOOKWAK website.

In Remembrance of My Dad ***

Thank you
DEARJOOKWAK was founded in October, 2019,  by me under the supervision of my dad and mom and my sister’s, a family of four of us here in Gardena, California.
My dad Steve SungJae Kwok has passed away last April, 2020.  My mom Betty Boomi Kwok and my sister Jane and I are still at a loss beyond any expression. 
I remember my dad trying to get the importance in life over to me.  Sharing so much time together was such a strong guidance.  … I love and miss him to the best of my remembrance.
With love, gratitude, respect and admiration,

My First Store – 2019   IMPRESSUM

Joo Heon Kwak, dba. DEARJOOKWAK, est. 2019, a Sole Proprietorship online eCommerce business based in Gardena, California, USA..Address: 16607 Halldale Ave. Apt 207, Gardena, CA 90247, USA. Phone: (310)710-7761. Email: Owner: Joo Heon Kwak, dba. DEARJOOKWAK. Business Lic. 38714. Retail Sales and Services Seller’s Permit 206122112

Welcome to this website My First Store – 2019!

Hi, my name is Joo Heon Kwak,  the owner of DEARJOOKWAK, est. 2019. 

My First Store – 2019 is my first dropshipping model website. I sell choice products ranging from AliExpress list of products to some of  the custom simple/variable/downloadable products. A hand-made items are becoming rarer to make at home anymore not to mention merchandising it for the first time.   I aspire to the hands of  people who like to continue to be there and to visit this website when shopping online.  There are many good product/services that are available and well made with diligence.  A good healthy economy rules for us in year 2020 and many years to come!

My websites are just as exciting and interesting to me discovering possibilities everyday that I could sell anything online could be within the bounds of something already abundant and with the help of many good will each day.  I am happy to try it for myself now with this website, and I hope visiting this website would be a beneficial experience for each and everyone. 

Your number one source for all things.! 

We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of DEARJOOKWAK online shopping experience, with a focus on thriving startup online business through which fashion, well-being of people, economy’s needs are met and quality services as an utmost priority.

We hope you enjoy our products and services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Joo Heon Kwak, Owner


Joo Heon Kwak

Joo Heon Kwak

image dearjookwak logo 2020Aug
image dearjookwak logo 2020Aug
image dearjookwak logo 2020Aug
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